Cute Animals

You have found the place for the cutest animals online. We regularly feature cute critters that will just make your heart melt. If you happen to own a cute animal or you know where some live, please be sure to submit them so we can all enjoy!

Cute Cat: Kinny and Kipper

Kinny is my baby that I got for Christmas, he is the guinea pig. Kipper is the puppy, he's a Miniature Pincher. He was my mom's mother day present. Kinny is...

Cute Cat: Nico the Ferret

Nico is the most energetic little guy, if there is something to sneak into or steal, any mischief in general to be caused I can be assured he will be there! He...

Cute Ferrets
Cute Cat: Hershey the Gray Rabbit

Hershey is a gray Rabbit that was purchased at a pet store and I always thought he was cute enough to be on a calendar. He enjoyed time outside of the cage...

Cute Rabbits
Cute Cat: Gold the Teddy-Bear Hamster

Gold is a cute "Teddy-Bear Hamster"..... She was only 3 weeks old when my father bought her for me.... And now she is 9 months old... I trained her to do some...